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How do I edit my gift list and items?

Customizing your gift list is the best way to show your friends and family what's important to you on your list.  

To edit your items, visit the Registry Items page in your account. 
(Please ensure that the Registry Items List is turned on from the top of the page.)
  • Re-organize items on your list (move up/down): Click and drag using the the 3 small lines to the left of the item image.  You may drag the item up/down on your list where you would like it to appear. 

  • Edit the Item details:  Click the item you wish to edit.  The details for the item will open on screen.  From here you may customize the information available for the given item.
    • Gift cards, you are only able to customize the description of the gift card to detail what your plans are. 
    • Other items, you are able to edit the name, description, minimum gift amount, and how many of this item you wish to receive along with the item image to be shown on your page. 
    • Give any amount, is an item that can be added to your list by turning it off and on from the wish list.  This item is not editable.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.