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How do we receive our gift money?

Here are simple instructions for getting your gift money for each available payment option:


    Visit the Gifts Received page to redeem any available Honeyfund Gift Card funds. NOTE: This option is NOT redeemable for cash, and Honeyfund Gift Card funds never expire.


    When you receive payments via Honeyfund's Bank Account solution, payments are automatically deposited into your bank account. If you haven't received payments, you may need to add your bank account information. Follow the instructions to complete setup in your payment settings on your Honeyfund account or Contact Us.


    To withdraw gift payments from PayPal, please login to your PayPal account and click the Withdraw tab. There you will find several options for withdrawing your money. If you forgot your login e-mail address, you can find it in your Honeyfund Payment Settings.


    If your gifts were pledged via cash or check (available to select countries/currencies only), you should have received the payments directly from your gift givers (e.g. in the mail to the address you provided in your Honeyfund account, or at the shower, wedding or otherwise in person).

You can see each gift and its payment method on the Gifts Received page.

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