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I'm missing a payment.

With Honeyfund, guests select a gift, and then pay according to payment methods you choose. If a guest chooses to pay offline, you'll see it in the "Pledges" section on the Gifts Received page. When you get the offline payment from a gift giver, mark the gift as "received." The gift will then move down to the paid gifts section.

PayPal gifts MAY sometimes appear in the unpaid section. If this happens, you should check your PayPal account for the payment and then manually update the gift received date.

You can see each gift and its status on the Gifts Received page.

If no payment was made, just let us know and we'll send a reminder e-mail to notify the guest. It's a tasteful e-mail from Honeyfund with instructions for payment. Contact us with the gift givers name as it appears on your gifts page.