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My client says PayPal won't accept their guest's credit card payment. What should I do?

According to PayPal, there are several reasons why they will deny a credit card transaction:

  1. The credit card company could be denying the purchase.
  2. The address provided may not match the credit card billing address.
  3. The credit card company's processor is down.
  4. PayPal's statistical analysis determined the transaction was high risk and automatically denied it.

They recommend if a card is declined to try the transaction again later. The gift giver can revisit the PayPal page by clicking the link in their Honeyfund Gift Confirmation e-mail. If the credit card still doesn't go through, they can e-mail or call PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 (say "Agent") and ask the representative to look up the transaction attempt and tell them why it was declined. They will ask for the e-mail address used when attempting the transaction.

If all else fails, they can either mail a check directly to the couple or bring cash or check to the wedding with their gift certificate. To change payment method to cash or check, they can click the link in the gift confirmation e-mail, then click the blue Change Payment Method button. Contact us for further assistance.